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Brian Jonson, a Past President of Marlow RC.

Brian told us that, viewing it as a crisis in which Rotary could play an important parting in combating, with the backing of his club, he established contact with the RC of Monrovia, in Liberia, with the object of identifying what could be done here to help.

Clearly, fundraising to support aid workers was the obvious first initiative and by September £4k was raised through local collections in Marlow and Henley. Since then, through appeals on their website and Facebook, donations have been received from Hong Kong, Canada and the USA, who have, between them pledged £100k.

President Derek and Brian Jonson

Meeting on Monday 10th August

Club Meetings

Monday 2nd November

For our talk tonight, we welcomed back Simon Hutton, the candidate we sponsored for this year’s RYLA initiative.

Simon is an assistant teacher at Southfield’s School, Wokingham, where he teaches on Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues to emotionally disturbed children up to 16 years old.

Back in the summer, Simon joined other candidates from District 1090 at Rhos-y- gwaliau, nr.Lake Bala in N.Wales for a week of development of character-forming and leadership skills.

What were the benefits?  Simon outlined them as: Leadership, Calmness and Creativeness under Pressure, Determination through Frustration and Delegation of Tasks.

I think its fair to say that he proved our sponsorship to be a very good investment.

Simon receiving his Certificate for the completion of his RYLA course from President Derek

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Monday 23rd May

We were pleased to host three of our friends from the Rotary club of Bracknell. They presented us with a cheque for £500.00 towards our

2016 sand dams project

This is the third donation from Bracknell and we are very grateful to them. Inter club co-operation is vital to make costly projects viable. We in turn will be assisting Bracknel RC with this year's charity 3 Counties cycle ride.

We also had the pleasure of meeting our RYLA (Rotary youth leader award) candidates,

The Master at Arms has a ceremonial hat by courtesy

Rotary Club Of Charleroi val de Sambre

Sand Dams

Rodney Huggins Environmental Award (Left)

 and another Cheque, this one from

 Elthorne-Hillingdon R.C. (Right)

"The Fleets In"
Monday we were delighted to welcome 14 members from the Rotary Club of Fleet. This is a record for our club to host so many Rotarian's on a "Raid" as they call it. A general mingling at dinner enabled us to enjoy each others company to the full and to exchange ideas. Fleet President John said they had all enjoyed the evening and hoped we would soon reciprocate with a visit to them.
Our speaker for the evening was Seema Jagdev who gave us a talk on the research work at Imperial College London. A truly fun evening.

Monday 5th July

Monday 8th August

Our guest was Phil Creighton. Phil the editor of the Wokingham Paper has been in journalism for more than 20 years. He previously worked on the Wokingham Times until it closed down in 2014. Phil a passionate believer in community matters decided to start up the Wokingham Paper. He felt that "on line" papers were to narrow focused and a proper newspaper was still needed, he works with a dedicated team of, in his own words 3.5 staff. A very entertaining talk with lots of history about the print trade. His final message was " use your local paper to tell readers what you do in the community, spread the message of Rotary to a wider audience"

Monday 19th September

More Than Just a Prisoner’

was a couple of highly informative presentations from two eloquent ladies telling us about the good work being done by ‘The Prisoners’ Education Trust’ (PET) to enhance the life chances of those serving out their sentences in our prisons.

For 26 years PET has been encouraging and providing in-prison and after-prison distance learning, research to reduce re-offending and influencing prison education policy

Monday 26th September

 Round the World by Sea

Our guest speaker, Steve Litson - an ardent sailor, who, after retiring as headmaster of Easthampstead School, decided to ‘go and see the world’ before age overtook his physical ability to do so (called getting older!)

 This was an interesting and fascinating presentation by a man who, post retirement from one challenging career, then went on to achieve his heart’s desire in a totally different field of endeavour.

Tonight’s speaker was Margie Walker, Manager of the

 ‘LINK’ befriending charity.

To start with, she acquainted us with the object of the charity, which is to ‘Help People Who Feel Lonely and Isolated’ – asserting that “Life is better with friends.”

Among other things they organise outings, a community kitchen for Sunday lunches, attending school plays and, in association with WADE, arranging a Christmas Day Lunch for 70 lonely people. A special annual event is a Christmas Party for 140 to 150 people.  All of these activities are set up with the object of transforming lives from futile to fulfilling.

Monday 7th November

Our guest speaker was Ruth Dunkin from the Thames Valley Air Ambulance based at RAF Benson . A service that survives solely on charitable donations.

With call outs averaging 3 a day, they operate continuously 365 days a year. With the introduction of a new helicopter the service can now fly night operations. Being able to carry heavier loads it allows the doctors and medics to perform complex operations at the scene of accidents

Monday 30th January

Monday 20th March

The winners of the local

Young Writers competition

Presentation by Emma Beswetherick

Emma with President James


“Uncle” Mike